Product Benefits

Product Highlights

  • >3X Long Life than HDPE
  • Noise Reduction
  • 10% Coef of Friction
  • UV Resistance
  • Impact Strength
fine white polymer granules

KEM-VH product lines are used for injection molding and extruded parts. KEM-VH is a very high molecular weight PE (VHMWPE). KEM-UH is an ultra high molecular weight PE (UHMWPE). Both are injection moldable, however, KEM-VH is easier to process and has a better surface finish. KEM-UH will have higher abrasion resistance and higher impact strength but is only available through qualified injection molding companies. Data Sheets and MSDS available upon request.

Injection moulding machine

Grades Include

  • KemVH 2010 (HMWPE)
  • KemVH 2050 (VHMWPE)
  • HemVH Glide – 10% lower coef of friction
  • KemVH UV – Black for UV Resistance
  • KemUH 3000 (UHMWPE available through qualified molders)
  • Custom Blends – Available Upon Request

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