Value Add Consulting

Grow Sales through strategic markets, new product development, and M&A.

  • Developed new products and markets growing sales by $2M nearly doubling revenue for a small business within 2 years.
  • 4 Years experience in M&A. Led the closure of a $170M deal as Crane employee.
  • Sales agent with wide range of customer contacts in a wide range of markets.
Sales Growth

with extensive customer Cost Reduction Through better designs, products, and sourcing options

  • >30% Cost reduction achieved in several examples.

Quality Solutions With 15 years of wear, friction, and polymer expertise

  • Solved wear, noise, delamination, and friction issues for part and equipment qualification.
  • Relationships with polymer suppliers, injection molder, compounders, and polymer experts.
Management Consulting

Consulting/Compensation Options

  • Project Based = Quote for project and deliverables
  • Performance Based = Commission for new sales or percent of cost reduction achieved
  • Hourly Rate = Quote per project scope or regular time requirements
  • Sales Agent Commission = Consulting benefit + Customer coverage/growth
  • Distributor of Goods = Consulting benefit + Quality supply with best-in-class lead time and OTD

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